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Gelatin 3D Art Tool




Gelatin 3D Art Tool is the best and easiest choice for making flowers in gelatin!

Not only are gelatin cakes a healthier alternative to sugar-filled cakes, but there are over hundreds of designs that you can create with the various toolsets that you can buy. If a unique cake is what you are looking for, then creating a 3D edible flower cake is the way to go. Surprise your family and friends by making your own 3D Jelly Cake on a special occasion with our Gelatin 3D Art Tool!

These tools are specially designed to allow you to create many different shapes effortlessly.

  • 10 different needles used for creating a lot of kinds of decoration
  • Create masterful and impressive flower designs without a hassle
  • Enjoy fewer complications or frustration by creating cakes without tools
  • Perfect tools for whom love to create tasty homemade goods to eat but also love art as well
  • It is made of food grade stainless steel, safety, sturdy and durable

Set includes:

1 x Syringe

10 x Different design needles